Advance Prosthetics Open-source bionic leg

Open-source bionic leg aims to rapidly advance prosthetics


 You want to get something out of a lab and help people with disabilities, it doesn't look like an academic publication, it looks like access. And that's what we're going for, we're giving access to people.... to anybody. 


Control is the biggest problem affecting the clinical impact of robotic legs today but each researcher develops their own hardware first so everybody's testing on a different system. So when people are publishing, "hey look at this control strategy I could do this", very difficult for people to replicate it because they don't have that hardware.


 We have created to kind of unite this fragmented field of control prosthetic legs. So there's a bill of materials which explains like where to get them to the vendor and a price. There's all the solid models which are like how you would have it machined. Solid model files are all downloadable. 

There's also videos on how to go step-by-step through the assembly process. I mean, the website is open to anybody. We already, right now, have five collaborators who are using these to test their control strategies. So like within a very very small amount of time, we've got a lot of impact and a lot of interest.